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Darlz Z Grammy Flyer 7.jpg


"Tune into Darla Z's Christmas 'Round The World and prepare to be captivated"

Colorado Public Television


"A fabulous singer putting on a fabulous show"

Gray Frederickson, Academy AwardWinning producer of  The Godfather: Part II


"...silky smooth delivery and commanding stage presence, Darla has been called the female Frank Sinatra." 



"Clad in a series of lavish gowns, the crooner boasts a velvety smooth voice and technically excellent delivery..."

Brandy McDonnell, The Oklahoman


"An outstanding, extravagant holiday masterpiece."  

Columnist Bud Elder, The Digital Bits

"Darla's incredible style and voice (they call her the female Frank Sinatra) enchanted everyone." 

Vicki Clark, OKC Friday.


"It was a stellar evening for guests who heard Darla Zuhdi in concert and they responded by giving her a standing ovation."

Sunday Oklahoman 11/13/11


" amazing voice!"

Gini Moore Campbell, OK Heritage Association


"...a gorgeous girl...great singer."

Dennis Bono, Las Vegas Live

"Darla Z wows audience...the incredible Darla Z...she could have topped the best of the Big Band singers..."

Vicki Clark, FRIDAY NEWS


"Darla is a great singer and a published author...and a beautiful lady, too!"

John Nasshan, KUNV Radio, Las Vegas, Nevada

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