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Among those who recognize Darla Z’s vocals are extraordinary is the internationally famous celebrity web site Radar Online who published this review of Darla Z’s Love Songs Round the World television special stating, “Acclaimed singer Darla Z... with yet another fantastic tv music special!” And John Avildsen, the famed Academy Award Winning Director of Rocky, wrote about Darla Z that “Darla’s voice is nectar to the ears!” Ronnie Wilson, Founder of The Gap Band “...Darla’s unique vocals put  her up  there with the great ones…her show was  phenomenal!” Darla Z was featured three times on Radar Online’s “Hot 100" list, being named No 1 on the list.   About Darla Z, Wayne Newton states, “She’s a beautiful woman, incredible talent.”


Darla Z began her on stage musical career in 2005 opening in concert for Willie Nelson. Since 2005, Darla Z has performed and headlined in Las Vegas numerous times, worked with the legendary Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, written and starred in the three network television specials filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has performed many successful benefit concerts for numerous non profit organizations.  Darla Z has also appeared in concert with the legendary Gap Band and has recorded in Las Vegas original songs she cowrote with the Gap Band’s founder, the legendary songwriter Ronnie Wilson (cowriter of Uptown Funk).  Two of Ronnie Wilson and Darla Z’s songs were entered for consideration in for 2020 Grammy by the Recording Academy.


Darla Z’s most recent project “To All the Gabbys in the World” was written by her in April of 2023 to bring awareness to the ongoing epidemic of domestic abuse and to motivate and inspire abused women to leave their horrible situations and start a new life.  The music video was directed by Rick Walker and released June 2, 2023, and among the many International awards already received to date, Darla was awarded Best Song by Oniros Film Awards (New York) and Best International Singer, Best American Song, and Best Music Video by 8 & Halfilm Awards, Rome. 


Other Interests/Recognitions


In 2015, Darla Z chosen by the Oklahoma History Center and Patti Page’s family to perform Patti Page’s most beloved songs in numerous concerts throughout Oklahoma.


Darla Zuhdi is the author of four published children’s books in a the Cat Detectives series for kids, aged 7 and up.  Finding Your Dream, the first in the series, is recommended by The Humane Society of the United States.  Darla Zuhdi is also a board member of the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum.

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