Darla Z




"Thanks to Darla Z for being on my show...great voice...a beautiful and talented lady."


Wayne Newton




"I love to hear her sing!"


Buddy Greco




"...an amazing voice!"


Gini Moore Campbell

OK Heritage Association



"...a gorgeous girl...great singer."


Dennis Bono, Las Vegas Live




"Darla Z wows audience...the incredible Darla Z...she could have topped the best of the Big Band singers..."


Vicki Clark, FRIDAY NEWS




"Darla is a great singer and a published author...and a beautiful lady, too!"


John Nasshan, KUNV Radio, Las Vegas, Nevada




"Darla Z dazzled the crowd with her rendition of God Bless America."


Angel Alba, North Texas Boxing


Voted Best of Las Vegas! by Las Vegas Review Journal

Darla Z Bio

Darla Z

Darla Z’s Christmas ‘Round The World submitted for 3 Heartland Emmys!

Star of PBS TV special that broadcast 106 times in December, 2013!

"Great voice...a beautiful and talented lady!"

Wayne Newton

"Tune in to ‘Darla Z’s Christmas Round The World’ and prepare to be captivated" Colorado Public Television

"Clad in a series of lavish gowns, the crooner boasts a velvety smooth voice and technically excellent delivery..." The Oklahoman, 12/20/13

"An outstanding, extravagant holiday masterpiece."

TheDigitalBits.com, 12/24/13

"A fabulous singer putting on a fabulous show!"

Gray Frederickson, Academy Award

winning producer of The Godfather: Part II

Before a crowd of 10,000, Darla Zuhdi (Darla Z) began her on stage musical career in 2005 opening in concert for Willie Nelson. Since 2005, Darla Z has performed in Las Vegas, opened in concert for Wayne Newton and presently, she is the star of a network public television series called ‘Darla Z’s ‘Round The World.’

In the first TV special in the ‘Round The World’ series, ‘Darla Z’s Christmas ‘Round The World,’ Darla Z performs Christmas melodies, wrote many of the lyrics to the songs she performs, co-wrote the music to two original songs and wrote the screenplay. The show, produced by catBOX Entertainment, Inc. and presented by Oklahoma’s PBS station, OETA, to national distributor NETA (one of the largest in the U.S.) aired in December 106 times on public television stations from coast to coast, including prime time broadcasts in such major markets as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Denver, Austin, Cleveland, New York, Orlando, and Ontario and Quebec, Canada. The holiday special is the second network special produced by catBOX. 'Darla Z's Christmas 'Round The World' has been submitted by Oklahoma's PBS station for 3 Heartland Emmys.

Darla Z has performed successful benefit concerts for the Oklahoma History Center, Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum, Oklahoma City University and Oklahoma Prevent Blindness. In 2010, she was named Featured Vocalist by the Oklahoma Heritage Foundation. Darla Zuhdi is also the author of four published children’s books in a the Cat Detectives series for kids, aged 7 and up, including Finding Your Dream, which was recommended by The Humane Society of the U.S. She is an elected board member of the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum.

catBOX is presently in the preproduction faze for the next TV special, ‘Darla Z’s Love Songs Round The World’ which will be distributed by NETA on public television stations everywhere. Music from the heart. Each song will epitomize the simple essence of love world wide and will show throughout, we often love the same music and will focus on delivering an emotional impact through beautiful arrangements and the best performance possible. For more information on Darla Z or the ‘Round The World’ public television series, please visit www.darlaz.com or email info@darlaz.com.