"...showcases Darla Z's amazing vocals--
            a first class ticket to romance."
         "fantastic TV music special." 
                                       Radar Online

           "Great voice...a beautiful and talented lady."  "
                                                          Wayne Newton       

          "Tune into Darla Z...and  prepare to be captivated!" 
                                      Colorado Public  Television  


Singer and songwriter Darla Zuhdi began her career opening in concert for the legendary Willie Nelson before an audience of over 7500 people.  Since that time, Darla Z has been regularly performing.  Darla has opened in concert for Wayne Newton and he is quoted as saying, "Thanks to Darla Z for being on my show.  She's a beautiful and talented lady."  Wayne Newton. 


Check out:
Darla Z's Network TV Special filmed in Las Vegas
Singer/songwriter Darla Z sings your favorite standards and her original music!  To view an 8 minute excerpt of the show, click link below!


Darla Zuhdi named by the Oklahoma Heritage Association as 2010 Oklahoma Hall of Fame Special Guest and Featured Vocalist!  Oklahoman, October 31, 2010 edition.

The star of three Network Television Specials.  Called the female version of

Frank Sinatra the incomparable...

Darla Z

Darla Z's Love Songs 'Round The World


Highlights in the special include a hauntingly beautiful Gaelic melody from 300 years ago which was rewritten by Darla Z to include lyrics which describe the song’s creation. 

In a time where musical standards are appreciated by a vast audience, this musical special is one of a kind.   Darla Z is an artist who does not lip sync and there was no use of autotune in any of the songs performed.


Darla Z's 

Christmas Round 

The World

Second broadcast season December, 2014!

Music Special filmed for broadcast on public television stations throughout the nation.


Darla Z's Christmas TV special was filmed  in the beautiful showroom at South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  LEARN MORE...



Darla Z Live From

Las Vegas


Televised music special as seen on Network TV and PBS!

 Darla Z headlined in concert on September 22, 2011, at the beautiful showroom at South Point Casino, which was filmed for television, cable and satellite release.  The Darla Z Live From Las Vegas concert featured music of the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s aired December, 2011 on nationally syndicated networks.  

About Darla Z's 'Round The World series...

"A fabulous singer putting on a fabulous

show" Gray Frederickson, Academy Award

Winning producer of  The Godfather: Part II


"Tune into Darla Z's Christmas 'Round The

World and prepare to be captivated"

Colorado Public Television


"Clad in a series of lavish gowns, the 

crooner boasts a velvety smooth voice and 

technicallyexcellent delivery..."

Brandy McDonnell, The Oklahoman


"An outstanding, extravagant holiday

masterpiece."  Columnist Bud Elder

The Digital Bits

"Darla's incredible style and voice (they call her the female Frank Sinatra) enchanted everyone." 

Vicki Clark, OKC Friday.


"Thanks to Darla Z for being on my show...

great voice...a beautiful and talented lady."

Wayne Newton



"I love to hear her sing!"

Buddy Greco



"It was a stellar evening for guests

who heard Darla Zuhdi in concert and they 

responded by giving her a standing ovation."

Sunday Oklahoman 11/13/11



"...an amazing voice!"


Gini Moore Campbell

OK Heritage Association


"...a gorgeous girl...great singer."

Dennis Bono, Las Vegas Live


"Darla Z wows audience...the incredible Darla Z...she could have topped the best of the Big Band singers..."


Vicki Clark, FRIDAY NEWS


"Darla is a great singer and a published author...and a beautiful lady, too!"

John Nasshan, KUNV Radio, Las Vegas, Nevada

Or available for download on ITunes
Soared to #8 on iTunes
Jazz and New Jazz Releases charts!
Also available for download on ITunes.  
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Darla Z and All About Love
PBS and NETA and Darla Z's Christmas Round The World00000000000000000478
DVD and PBS and Darla Z's Christmas Round The World
Darla Z and Live In Concert
Darla Z sings Live From Las Vegas at South Point Casino
Darla Z's Love Songs 
Round The World 
to premier on public television stations February, 2015.  For more information, CLICK HERE!
Network Television star, singer and songwriter Darla Z has opened in concert for legends Willie Nelson and Wayne Newton  and appears regularly to sold out audiences in Las Vegas.
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